Electronic copper foil is an important basic material for the development of the electronic information industry, and it is also a bottleneck material that limits the development of the information industry in China. It is combined with low-grade copper-clad boards and printed circuit boards to form important parts that cannot be short in electronic information products, and plays an important supporting effect on the development of China's electronic information industry.

More than a decade ago, China's electronic copper foil still relied on imports from abroad. In recent years, the country has successively approved the implementation of the national "863" program project of advanced electronic copper foil and a number of high-tech industrialization projects. Newly-built and expanded enterprises have introduced many advanced foreign advanced copper foil production equipment and some process technologies. , Absorption, and innovation, making the production of advanced copper foil products in China a major step forward in terms of technical level and equipment level, and began to complete industrialization, such as Shandong Jinbao, Lingbao Huaxin, Hefei Copper Crown, Jiangxi Copper- Yates, Tongling Warner, etc., their production capacity, quality, and technical level can basically meet the requirements of domestic copper clad laminates and printed circuit board occupations, and can partially replace imported products. China has also gradually become an important country for international copper foil production. The quality and production technology have the ability to compete with large copper foil producing countries (regions) abroad.

In 2009, the output value of electronic copper foil in China reached 126,000 tons, accounting for 30% of the international electronic copper foil output value. It is predicted that by 2011, the output value of electronic copper foil produced by domestic copper foil manufacturers will reach 200,000 tons, exceeding China's Taiwan region, becoming the world's largest electronic copper foil production region, and the proportion in international electronic copper foil shopping malls will increase. To 35-40%. At the same time that production capacity has increased significantly, product quality and technological level will also be greatly improved.

Once, because China only imposed a 1% tariff on imported copper foil, some large-scale monopoly enterprises in prosperous economies exported many copper foil products to the mainland of China, which caused a serious impact on the national high-tech copper foil companies that we have just begun to complete industrialization . In 2009, China imported 108,000 tons of copper foil, with an import value of US $ 990 million, which is 3.6 times the export copper foil. Imported copper foil is expected to reach 140,000 tons in 2010, a 30% increase over 2009. Under the current situation, there is a great need for countries to adopt taxation policies and related supporting policies that are conducive to the healthy and stable development of China's electronic copper foil industry in order to promote the rapid and healthy development of China's electronic copper foil industry.