In recent years, the rapid development of China's copper industry has provided our electronic copper foil industry with a wider range of shopping malls, and it has also driven China's electronic copper foil production to develop at a speed not seen in any country (region) in the world. According to calculations, in 2009, the electronic copper foil used for printed circuits all over the world has an annual output value of about 260,000 tons, and the production capacity has reached about 400,000 tons. China's annual output value in 2009 reached 126,600 tons, accounting for about 48% of the global total, becoming the largest producer of international copper foil industry. He discussed the necessity and urgency of technical communication between domestic copper foil companies. He said that in the 1990s, copper foil companies in China were closed, and communication with the international community was even lacking, which greatly prevented the rapid development of careers and enterprises.

In recent years, the Association and our best efforts have greatly improved in this regard. The companies began to watch each other, conduct technical communication and information communication, and even associations and domestic companies also launched communication and exchange visits with copper foil companies in Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Europe, America and other countries and regions. These have greatly assisted the technical improvement of China's copper foil industry. The association arranged to hold the first China Electronic Copper Foil Technology Workshop Seminar, in order to build a large channel of information communication in the professional world, in order to reach the goal of promoting the mutual communication, mutual communication, and information sharing among professional members. In this way, the technical level of the whole profession has been greatly improved.