The rolled copper foil industry is a traditional pillar industry with characteristics. In recent years, following the successive settlement of several large domestic copper processing enterprises, the proportion of rolled copper foil processing has significantly improved, and the product chain of tubes, belts, rods and wires has basically formed. With the further optimization of the industrial structure and the advancement of high value-added rolled copper foil products, the copper industry has entered a new round of promotion, and the supporting effect and competitive advantage of the rolled copper foil industry have been significantly enhanced. . In 2011, the city's copper industry continued to adhere to rapid growth. The city's planned copper industry enterprises reached 37 (new standard), and the total industrial output value for the year was 109.2 billion yuan, and the main business income of the entire profession reached 120.5 billion yuan. Copper-based products such as extended processing and equipment manufacturing account for nearly one-third of the main business revenue.

The optimization and promotion of the rolled copper foil processing industry structure has attracted foreign high-quality enterprises to settle in, and it has also begun to show a trend of local copper industry enterprises' skill promotion, and some industries and labor forces are undergoing a large transformation to the outside world. In order to be close to customers and shopping malls, reduce costs, and keep abreast of market trends, many companies have undergone wholly-owned or joint ventures in the areas of Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Rim, and other regions to upgrade their skills and expand production of special electromagnetic wires in Tongling headquarters Plan to build more than ten factories. In addition, companies in an insignificant position in the development of the rolled copper foil industry have also strongly promoted the merger and reorganization of the copper industry, increased the integration of non-ferrous metal resources within and outside the province, and accelerated the pace of overseas copper resource development.